#AllamQuotes campaign – 02/11/16

The Trust’s #AllamQuotes campaign is determined to expose the current regime’s rhetoric and spin for what it really is. To do this we are simply looking back at Allam family quotes, before then openly and fairly examining to what extent this quote was actually acted upon. Let’s have a look at this week’s #AllamQuote…


“We have always wanted to do what is best for the football club and that will continue with or without us. The ambition here is to leave a legacy irrespective if we are here next year or not. It’s about leaving a legacy for the club to run itself on its own two feet, and this is part of that” (Ehab Allam, 2016).

This week, we would like to #AskEhab the following very straight forward question: Considering that you are obviously very concious of the legacy you leave at Hull City AFC (if you ever leave), are you happy with what that legacy is currently looking like?

The reason for this question? Becuase the way we see it, your so-called legacy currently consists of a football club were young supporters and seniors cannot afford to come to games, a club that has seen average attendences fall off a cliff despite being a Premier League club becuase even adults are not attending games in protest of the mistreatment of those disadvantaged fans, and a club that is now receiving negative national and international press coverage due to the sheer number of empty seats being broadcast around the World, despite the club being in the Premier League and EFL Semi Final. Some legacy that, Ehab.

What is your favourite #AllamQuote, and, on the back of that, what would you like to #AskEhab? Get in touch with us via email, Twitter or Facebook to let us know, and be in with a chance of winning a HCST prize.

One thought on “#AllamQuotes campaign – 02/11/16”
  1. The Allam family have now been reimbursed for their investment in the football club. This has happened by way of the premier league payments in the summer.
    They have simply responded to the continual cries of ” The Allam Out Brigade” and now have no interest apart from leaving the club in the same division and in the same mess as it was when they took control.
    Last seasons promotion was all part of the plan to get their money back before they stripped and neglected the club which in their eyes is revenge on the supporters and the council for what they regard as a lack of respect and a personal onslaught on their integrity.. They therefore do not want to speak to anybody whether it be the Press the Radio the Council or the fans.
    Expect next season, when the club is back in the championship, for it to be sold for a pound.

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