Following last night’s well publicised meeting between the owners and supporters of Hull City AFC, here is a summary of the discussion.

The Trust was represented at the meeting by our Chairman Geoff Bielby. Ehab Allam chaired the meeting, whilst 7 other supporters were in attendance including representatives from the Hull City Official Supporters Club and the Senior Tigers group. The meeting lasted just over three and a half hours. Firstly, we acknowledge that it is positive that this meeting actually took place. It’s only the second time either of the owners has ever met with supporters and the first for over four years.

Ultimately, there was no agreement to resolve the situation around key issues such as concessions or the refusal to use the club’s real name, but the club did agree to engage in future meetings with supporters to hopefully reach an agreement on these issues.

Ehab agreed to revisit the ‘branding guidelines’ which are given to club staff. This issue will be discussed further at the next meeting in December.

The owners claim that recent protests have disrupted the team and they want to see an end to protests which interfere with play. Of course, for this to be achieved in a lasting sense, supporters will need to see that their concerns are being addressed by the club.

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