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One month ago Hull City Supporters’ Trust wrote to Ehab Allam offering to put our differences behind us and establish a productive working relationship for the benefit of Hull City and its fans. With the name-change proposal dead and buried, the only barriers to this would be a continuation of the rebrand – a pointless exercise if ever there was one – and the attitude of the Chief Executive. As evidence of our goodwill, we declared our interest in sponsoring a player. (This we have completed – we are proud to announce that Sone Aluko is now sponsored by HCST. More on this shortly.)

We are sorry to report that our olive branch has been ignored. Hull City’s owners have declined to respond to us. Oddly, the Club seem upset that the letter was an open one, though there was nothing sensitive or controversial in its contents. We do, of course, have an obvious obligation to our members to keep them informed; the Allams have not replied to any correspondence from the Trust in any form.

We shall persevere with our attempts to speak to the Club at senior level (there has been speculation that a new Chief Executive will be appointed; if this comes to pass, that will surely offer an opportunity) and we will continue to press for the rebranding of Hull City to be reversed. Watch this space.


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