#PitchForJustice – Help the KCOM groundsmen get their jobs back


As we are sure most of you will remember, last month saw the KCOM’s Stadium Management Company (SMC), which is managed by Assem and Ehab Allam, dismiss two longstanding groundsman for ‘gross misconduct’ after claiming the pitched used by both Hull City and Hull FC had been ‘deteriorating’. Now, Darrell Cook and Mark Harrison have set up a crowdfunding page to help raise the funds to take their former bosses to an employment tribunal.

The full story can be read here and their progress can be monitored by following their twitter page which can be found here.

Any pledges can be made to help the former award-winning groundsmen get their jobs back by following this link.

The HCST fully support this cause, and encourages anyone who is able to help by generously pledging.

Let’s help Darrell and Mark get their jobs back!




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