Hull City vs Swansea City – Boycott Action


Following calls from large sections of the Hull City support, we are backing a full boycott of the Swansea City FA Cup game.

Whilst HCST has been ‘backing the team; not the regime’, it is clear more needs to be done to highlight the mismanagement of Hull City AFC to the wider football world and a boycott of the Swansea City fixture would certainly do that.

Following months of anger from fans over the way our club is being run, most notably the removal of all concession ticketing with the new membership scheme, and topped-off by the banning of peaceful protester John Oxley this week, the Trust is calling on Hull City fans to boycott the Swansea City FA Cup tie on 7th January 2017.

Boycotting a match is a very effective way of getting a message across and drawing attention to an issue, as the likes of Blackpool and Coventry fans have shown in recent years,. It will hopefully provide us with national press coverage to highlight the club’s plight. However, boycotts are only effective when they are backed by a significant majority, therefore we would urge all fans, not just our membership, to refrain from buying a ticket for this game.

It goes without saying that this is not something we take lightly. A boycott has been avoided in over three years of protests, but the time has obviously now come to turn things up a notch. We all want the best for our football club and a boycott of this match is for the greater good.

Rather than buying a ticket for the game, we are calling for fans to instead donate to a charity which needs the money and will appreciate it, unlike Hull City under the Allams.

Update: Click here for details on the charities and to donate.


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  1. Hi like all am upset with what we are seeing happen to our club and powerless to prevent. I would never just not go but that’s me and the way I am built. But do want to make a statement against the destruction of my club.
    You want the message to get to many why not target the Boxing Day game live to the world. Get all on 19 mins to chuck soft toys on the pitch ( a cry out against concessions) this will stop the live game and force our message to the world

    • John are you just a wum or are you content with the current situation facing our club? If the latter, surely you are in a tiny minority. Mismanagement at every level risks the very future of the club. If we supporters simply stay silent it is taken as assent to all the actions of the inept Allams. The key to this being effective is to publicise it well in advance so even the London-centric national media get the message. Well done to all involved for coming up with the idea.
      Allams out in 2017 – now that would be a Happy New Year.

  2. Disgraceful , but please do not boycott any games , the players need our support , attend the matches and make your feelings known about the despicable Allam family

    • We’ve not called for a boycott until now and we still don’t encourage fans to stay away from other home games, but many are doing and that is understandable. It’s clear right now that there is desire from a large number of supporters to make a point about the way the club is run and that’s why, with heavy hearts, we called for this boycott.

  3. A “boycott” on a day on which attendances will be low across the country will attract zero attention outside Hull.
    If this is the best you can come up with to undermine the Allams then God help our club.
    Very poor, and deeply unimaginative

    • If the attendance is 10,000 then yes it won’t attract attention. But if it’s say, less than 5,000, that’d be incredibly low for a Premier League club who sold the ground out against Swansea in Division 3. Obviously it’ll only be effective if the boycott is widespread enough.

  4. Money is the only language the Allams understand. I’m boycotting this game and donating ticket price to the two charities nominated. Allams out.

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