HCST supports Liverpool boycott


The HCST is concerned that ordinary supporters are being priced out of attending Premier League fixtures, including Category A matches at the KC Stadium such as this one against Liverpool, though as supporters of Hull City we will be sorry that the atmosphere will be less intense due to the absence of Liverpool fans.

The Trust applauds the actions of Liverpool fans in making a stand against high ticket prices, and will continue to lobby Hull City and the Premier League to see a fair deal put in place for all fans attending on matchdays.

Spirit of Shankly declared the action a success:

Tonight’s protest against ticket prices has been a massive success. Initial estimates from sources and from pictures are that over half of all tickets for the away end have gone ‘unused’. This has exceeded our initial expectations. When we encouraged people to take part just eleven days ago there were only half a dozen coaches from Liverpool on board. Since then, this has grown massively – through people supporting our stance, extensive media coverage and high profile people speaking out – and we would like to thank all those who have taken part by not attending the match or the hundreds who have attended our protests at Anfield and in London.

We never expected an empty away end. We had not anticipated such a strong show of support. However what this protest has shown is that supporters up and down the country are angry, that so many people are supportive of our message and that supporters at LFC are prepared to step up in the fight for more affordable football.

This now is a platform for us to build upon. For us to regroup, to talk to supporters and plan what we do next. We will be doing this in the coming days and weeks. Remember that this will be a long path. This evening has seen us take just a few more steps, albeit larger ones than before. We hope you will continue with us until our message is heard – Enough is Enough. 

Liverpool fans deserve a lot of credit for their stance.  The away end was sold out through Reds’ supporters buying £10 children’s tickets but then not showing up.  The PL are keen on stadia being full and the atmosphere being exciting for the television cameras.  The SoS stance might well help a shift towards a limiting excessive ticket pricing.

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