FSF Roadshow at The Lair – a report


New Chair Geoff Bielby reports on HCST’s latest event.

An excellent FSF Forum was hosted by HCST at The Lair on Saturday lunchtime before the Bristol City match.  An hour’s lively discussion and Q&A flew by in an illuminating session.

Many thanks go to Michael Brunskill, FSF Director of Communications, for taking time out to travel down from his base in the North East and making the forum both informative and enjoyable. Matthew Rudd, Amber Nectar, was his usual witty, caustic and knowledgeable self and did a great job introducing the topics, leading the discussion and Q&A.

We had a bonus with Bristol City Supporters who also added to the debate: John Cosh and particularly John Darch, who led on the FSF Safe Standing roadshow. The latter gave us an update and his opinions regarding the campaign, especially regarding key influencers such as Liverpool’s Spirit of Shankly and their specific, tricky position on this issue.

Other topics covered were:-

  • Ticket pricing, covering Twenty’s Plenty and the new £30 cap for away fans cap for next season’s Premier League;
  • City’s new Membership Scheme;
  • Huddersfield “Bubblegate” and the support FSF gave to City fans;
  • The new legislation dictating fan groups’ involvement in clubs.

An hour wasn’t enough but those attending left very much the wiser!


Picture: Michael Brunskill (left) with Matthew Rudd.


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