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Last week we called for a full boycott of City’s upcoming FA Cup 3rd round tie against Swansea City and for supporters to donate to charity instead of buying a ticket for the game. We can now confirm details of the charities we are supporting and donations are now being accepted.

The first charity we are supporting is Hull and East Yorkshire Mind. Founded in 1976, it has 40 years experience in providing mental health services to people in Hull and East Yorkshire. It is affiliated to National Mind in London through an affiliation agreement, but receives no income in support of its operations from National Mind. For more details on Hull & East Yorkshire Mind, see their website.

The second charity is Launch Pad. Better known as Hull High Fliers Trampoline Club, they have faced problems finding a permanent home after being evicted from the Airco Arena by the Allams. Launch Pad recently received a further blow when a lease agreement for a new site was cancelled at the last minute. Until they can find a new home, the club’s trampolines are in storage (at some considerable cost) because they don’t fit into the club’s temporary school venue. This arrangement also means that the club’s top level athletes who perform on top quality trampolines in competition are only able to practice on smaller school trampolines. We’re hoping to help them find a new home through this fundraising. For more information on Launch Pad, see their website.

We want to make sure the national media are fully aware of the mismanagement of Hull City AFC under the Allams, but also do something good for these deserving causes, so please donate whatever you can.

To donate to H&EY Mind, please use the donation page here.

To donate to Launch Pad, please use the donation page here.


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  1. Joan Thistleton on

    Sorry I refuse to not support the team but happy to give to mind its not the players at fault but the owners

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