Captain Ehab’s nemesis?


Do you trust what Hull City Tigers Ltd tells you? Ask senior members of the 500 Club – those fans who were the first to buy corporate seats at the KC.

The club originally said it would reduce the memberships by £100 for seniors, so they were paying the same as last season, but has now reneged on this and everyone will now have to pay £486.

Still think your direct debit will stay the same every month? Or might the club decide to hike up the price?


Well they might, because the club were boasting that they had had 4,500 membership sales at close of play on Wednesday. Sounds a lot, perhaps, but let’s put that in context. The membership scheme had been open for almost two weeks by then. Huddersfield Town sold 11,000 of their cheap season tickets in the first four days they were on sale.

Last season about 9,500 City fans had renewed by the cut-off period. Whilst the situation’s not the same – people who want to join the membership scheme but also want to move to cheaper seats can’t do so as yet – we reckon the club are at around 50% of last season’s renewals.

We estimated earlier (see the background information to our “Scrap the Scheme” statement) that the club would lose between 25-35% of its current 12,500 passholders, and at present the upper figure might well be correct. That would make the final membership scheme total to be around 8,000, around £1.75m less revenue than would have been taken if there was 100% take up.

Whatever the figures end up being, we can all agree that the club are going to take a big financial hit. From where can the club make up the deficit? Step forward, scheme members, and really earn your stripes.


There’s still time to get out of this mess – by setting the scheme to one side and selling cheaper season tickets all round, so you don’t exclude juniors or seniors. Ehab remains silent, of course, still steadfastly refusing to meet supporters, demonstrating what can only be termed contempt for his customers. So we’re still going to protest using red cards before the Rotherham match, the arrangements being as stated previously:

“Red Cards” will be available at The William Gemmell on Anlaby Road from 10 a.m., and we’ll be at West Park Gates from 11 a.m. Again, we’re calling for volunteers to help distribute them. If you want to bring your own stock of red paper and distribute it, we’d welcome that too!


If the club’s owners don’t change their mind, this farrago will end up as a disaster. Captain Ahab’s nemesis was the great white whale, Moby Dick. Ehab’s white whale is the membership scheme, and it could be his nemesis too.






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  1. Can’t belive the changed the deal for the 500 club again. Wait , actually I can sadly. Still beggars belief.

    Fully support another red card display. I’m standing by my guns and not renewing so anyone who has bought a cheap seat will be more than welcome to wander round and sit in the expensive seats in E5 whatever age you are which will most likely be free.

    Moving on as Hull City have so far been a damp squid at getting any atmosphere or extra supporters at games recently (credit to Scunthorpe – U18’s free) can I suggest HCST do something for the play off games, perhaps by organising a black and amber card display? Perhaps if you sit in an odd numbered seat bring amber, if its even bring black, and of course wear your stripes (lets have your oldest and dearest out) and bring all those flags you’ve got stuck in the cupboard.

    We should still continue the scheme campaign but also show the team that we support them and show HCST (and the hooligans) in a postive light.

  2. With a heavy heart I too am giving up our seats in W3. My son and I have had tickets here from the days when it was a family section and he is gutted we will no longer be attending. I’m in full support of the protest – maybe we could wear red (just for the protest and put colours on after if you so wish) to emphasise the effect? Looking forward to a sea of red in the stands before the game. We also fully support continued protest before the playoff games and see no reason why we shouldn’t continue with the red cards.

  3. Quote: ‘Huddersfield Town sold 11,000 of their cheap season tickets in the first four days they were on sale.’

    Huddersfields season tickets are £179 next year! If ours were that price then the season ticket sales would be higher than the current take up, so to compare this against another club is just another attempt to twist the figures that you’re quoting.

    If last years take up (12500) and the prices were £179 that equates to £2,237,500, compared to 8000 @ £486 that equates to £3,888,000, the financial difference to the club is a profit of £1,650.500. I can’t be bothered to work out if we sell our maximum number of season tickets (either price) against Huddersfield selling their maximum.

    • The point is that if ours were priced similarly to Huddersfield’s we could go a long way to achieving a similar figure of sales. If tickets were reasonably priced and the owners also rebuilt some bridges with fans we could get loads more people through the gates.

  4. Chris Stern on

    I don’t believe the 4500 figure. And I’m out of it from the end of this season until the owners sell the club.

  5. We joined Adam Pearson’s Founders Club (what has been strangely renamed the 500 club) when there was an open offer to join made to all supporters, for a one off cost of a few hundred quid. We’re not corporates but sit near the Premier Club members, who seem to be. Over the years some people have either moved seats or unfortunately passed away. In their place there are now kids who’ve been able to secure seats with their Founders families, like I’ve done with my own.

    There was almost universal support for the red card protest against this ludicrous scheme in the Founders section prior to the Brentford match. To their great shame there were virtually none displayed by the Premier Club members (must be corporates). We’ll be protesting again tomorrow. We’ve had to endure this price on application rubbish only to find that after repeated enquiries about what this scheme will cost us has met with conflicting information.

    Today we’ve learned that non one in our section have been allocated a seat as yet due to their confusion and we’ll be contacted next week about the matter. I was sent a price by email for my son to keep his seat which is almost 10 times what I was quoted a few days earlier by the membership helpline. From day one we’ve seen through the gagging orders, false facts and have been totally against the removal of concessions and the closure of the West Upper.

    The nice staff who are on the membership helpline (not Hull City employees), the SMC and those of Hull City itself when I’ve mentioned that they seem to be constrained by the decisions made on high, they don’t disagree. Fred Karno would’ve been proud of Captain Ehab. Most of the rest of us are just ashamed of the club and this shameful scheme.

  6. Let’s have a wear your stripes campaign for the playoffs. Wear an old city shirt to show you’ve earned your stripes. If you don’t have one borrow one.

  7. Angie Smith on

    Obvious from Ehab’s ‘open letter’ that they have no intention of listening to fans. Can HCST perhaps start a ‘supporters in exile’ group. Get local pubs to organise ‘exile’ match days – family and pensioner friendly – so we can watch our team together in a non Allam environment? Perhaps a different pub each fortnight. I have met several elderly fans who will miss their only real social event now they have been priced out. Supporting City has always brought people of all ages together. Its up to us now to make sure the most vulnerable dont miss out. This is something worthwhile we can do together until the Allams go.

  8. Chris Stern on

    Very good idea Angie, I’d come over from Rochdale for that. I’m genuinely concerned for the very senior members for whom Hull City is their, very much loved and looked forward to, major social outlet. It could have truly devastating effects on them.

    Today, a fellow lifetime supporter, with whom I’ve only had a few conversations on the steps of the Upper West Stand, came over and gave me his card saying that this was his last match until the Allam’s go and would I keep in touch. This is a nightmare we can’t wake up from.

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