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As most City fans will already know, the owners of Hull City AFC have again applied to change the name of the club to Hull Tigers. This of course means the fight to save the name Hull City is back on.

We’ll be campaigning to save the club’s proper name, just as the City Till We Die campaign group did last time. We’ve already been in touch with the FA to see what the process and timescale is this time around and we await their response. Once we hear back from them, we’ll be in a position to set out what we intend to do to save our club’s name once again.

However, the impact of anything we do as a trust is measured by the weight of numbers behind it. We can only claim to represent our membership, so the more people that join HCST, the stronger our collective voice will be.

Over the last few days we’ve seen a spike in memberships. A lot of people tell us that they’ve been meaning to join for a while, and been spurred into finally doing so by recent developments. There are still hundreds of people out there who were members of CTWD but haven’t yet joined HCST. There are thousands more who wear scarves and badges with the ‘No to Hull Tigers’ slogan, thousands who signed the CTWD flag, and every week for the last 18 months, thousands have sung ‘City Till I Die’ loud and proud on 19 minutes and 4 seconds of every game.

Undoubtedly, thousands of people oppose the owners’ plans to change Hull City’s name. If you’re one of these thousands and haven’t yet joined the trust, it’s you we really need to join us. If you know someone who wants City to remain City, but hasn’t joined the trust, share this with them! If everyone against the proposed name change joins HCST, our collective voice will be far too loud to ignore, and the FA council’s decision will be easy.

To become a HCST member and shareholder costs just £5. Our partner scheme means membership can pay for itself through savings at various local businesses. But most importantly by joining you’ll be doing your bit to save the name Hull City.

Together we can end this name change nonsense for good.

To join HCST, click on this link.

If for any reason you’re unsure about joining or want to know more first, have a quick read of our vision, aims and objectives, the Supporters’ Trust FAQs, or give us a shout at with any questions or concerns you might have.  And have a read of the speech famous City supporter Mark Herman gave at The Lair last year.


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